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Michelle DePaul

As Spirit Beings we are perfect.
As Human Beings we are learning to bring the perfection of Spirit to Human form. ~Ron Lavin

Wife, Army Brat, Mystic, Founder of MYSTIC GHOST, Volunteer Wildlife Rehab & Loves Quantum Physics

Founder of Mystic Ghost Paranormal Research / Intuitive Medium / Lead Investigator

After numerous unexplained experiences in early adulthood, I found myself intrigued with paranormal research. I decided to become a student of paranormal phenomenon taking metaphysical courses and carrying out in-person investigations to more fully understand and appreciate my abilities. After years of exploratory research, I formally founded Mystic Ghost Paranormal Research in 2003. My mission was to set out and prove that my experiences were in fact real.

In my personal journey studying the supernatural, the paranormal and metaphysics, I've developed some theories. Above all else, I believe consciousness plays a big role in our efforts to communicate with departed loved ones and other spiritual entities.

In regards to paranormal investigations, my methods are in part technology based, using scientific devices such as EMF (Electric magnetic field), thermal imaging which detects temperature changes that could potentially be caused by spirit energy as well as other tools to help uncover evidence based proof of anomalies. I also rely on a metaphysical approach such as intuition, collective consciousness communication, and sometimes using tools such as a pendulum to detect energy to understand what’s happening during paranormal encounters. 

My team and I have conducted a number of successful investigations around the country and have received positive acclaim. We have visited some of the most widely recognized haunted locations in the country including two investigations at one of the top 5 haunted locations in the USA, The Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana.


Additionally, I have been profiled on television, radio and print media, appearing on Q-Tv as a profiled guest on paranormal research and on radio stations 95.9 The Ranch, WBAP 820 AM NewsTalk, 570 KLIF Ankarlo Show and was the feature of stories in the Dallas Morning News and the Fort Worth Star Telegram.  I was also featured on national television’s Biography Channel series “Dead Famous” where Mystic Ghost conducted an investigation at the famous Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas pursuing evidence of paranormal activity around the history of Bonnie and Clyde. I personally conducted experiments with the show’s host Chris Fleming during that filming of the episode.

I continue to have passion for developing evidence to support paranormal phenomenon and rely on my intuitive abilities and paranormal research to continue to bring fact based evidence to the general public.


Over 20 years of Paranormal Investigations & Research, S.A.C. Dip. Energy Anatomy, S.A.C Dip. Acupressure, S.A.C Dip. Kinesiology, S.A.C. Dip. Crystal Healing Practitioner, S.A.C. Dip. Meridian Psychotherapy, S.A.C. Dip. Psychic Counselor. 

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